MOCEE Process-Advanced

ALL NEW American State Nationals need to do the
following, in order: Complete your Political Status
Declarations, Record them in the Land Record and
send in your notices to the Secretary of State and the
IRS and now also the Department of Consular Affairs
to notify the defacto of your Status, claims and
exemptions, BEFORE anyone tries to use the MOCEE
process. The MOCEE process is only for properly
declared American State Nationals and American
State Citizens, not U.S. Citizens. If you have changed
your status and have not published that change, the
defacto has no knowledge of that change. If you try to
use the MOCEE with your social security number / EIN
number as an unrebutted U.S. Citizen you open
yourself up to legal action because it is not an
exemption that U.S. Citizens can claim.


Political Status must be declared and recorded prior to using the debt
reduction process which we define as Mutual Offset Credit Exchange
Exemption (M.O.C.E.E.) This process is only for American State

With this process we are beginning to create a path with which we will send our
Corporate Billing Statements (Coupons) with a self-produced Money Order to the
Internal Revenue Service. (IRS). We will also send notice to CFO’s of Corporations
and Congress “Critters” of our use of the remedy given to us in 1933 with HJR 192.
The process includes these steps:
1. Pay your bill as you normally would, except using a copy of the original
statement/coupon instead of the original copy.
2. Process each billing statement by writing or stamping a “M.O.C.E.E. block”
on front and back of your statements. Make several (5-6) copies of each.
3. Create a hand-written Money Order in cursive/blue ink. Make copies of
each and mark copies VOID.
4. Send original copies along with a cover letter in a bundled stack to IRS using
Registered mail (tracked) or Priority mail.
5. Mail cover letters to CFO of vendors with a copy of the stamped statement.
6. Notify Congressional delegation that you are exercising you lawful remedy.
7. Be sure to keep a copy of everything for your records.

We believe if we can increase the number of American State Nationals
that are beginning to use their lawful remedy, we will be able to educate our employees of how we intend to progress and get cooperation.


When you first get your bill, make a copy to pay the bill instead of the using original bill. Pay as you normally pay. Always use the dollar sign with two lines through it instead of one. The reason is the vermin changed the number of lines when they changed our money from silver backed to fiat paper. Cross out their dollar sign and make your own with two lines.
A red-inked stamp may be ordered to process your original bill/statement/coupon or you may write the “MOCEE block” which is shown below. It will be stamped or written on both sides of your original bills
at a 45 degree angle.